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    Using technology in small business (Google Docs, CRM, credit card processing)

    Small business owners are some of the hardest working people around. But working hard and working smart is not always the same thing. It’s time to work smart and make some changes to increase efficiency and productivity. Use of social media is proven as the most effective way to start small business, especially people are using instagram as the greatest tool for gaining popularity of their brand. If you also want to have large follower base then get instagram followers. Now I am going to tell you how Google docs, CRM and credit card processing helps in small business.

    • Google Docs: Google Docs work as a spreadsheet, presentation and word processor program. You can create documents, spreadsheets and any kind of presentation through this webs interface and save these documents in form of text, PDF, Html and ODF format. You can do real time editing in Google Docs.
    • CRM: CRM is a database with customer based feature that provides customer input, requirements, direct online communication and especially helpful for customer service center companies. CRM helps users for the marketing campaign and helps people for the sales promotion analysis.
    • Credit Card Processing: Credit Card Processing is used to handle various transactions from different channels such as debit card, credit card and e- cheque. It has a software-as-a-service (SaaS) concept tool which can be used by a merchant.


    How Technology helps in Small Business

    How Small Business gets Benefits from an Online Presence

    A online presence gets far more benefit than your website. There are a number of advantages to being online:

    • You can build relationships
    • Your small business becomes searchable and, therefore, can be found
    • It boosts your credibility and expands your reach
    • It opens the door to content marketing
    • You get a global customer base
    • It streamlines and improves customer service

    For getting more views and followers on various social media site you can buy 1000 twitter followers, instagram followers or youtube views.


    Technologies that make small businesses more effective

    Some more technologies that are helpfull in small businesses are:

    • The Website: The face of your business
    • Social Media: Convert strangers to your leads and customers
    • Payment Processing: Ease of Purchase
    • Localizing Business: Go Local to Get Found

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